Pervz&Curvz Collective: February Group Choreo Drop In!

We are excited to be offering a drop in group choreo practice session on Sunday February 2, 2020 from 5-6pm

Our March show has the awesome theme ANTI Spring Cleaning: Mess It Up! Burlesque (Saturday, March 21, 2020) and we will be working on a hilarious (AND INFORMATIVE) Bill Nye the Science Guy Group Act. Music: TBD

The first practice session is a drop in for members AND non-memberz to come try out the choreo and see how much you love it!

If you wish to continue after the first session we require a commitment to perform so our choreographer, Chai Tease, can space the routine properly!

What happens when you LOVE the choreo and want to join the collective?! GREAT QUESTION!!!

Now is the perfect time to join as we are entering the New Year and really moving forward with this amazing performance momentum we’ve developed in 2019!

There is an annual $20.00 membership fee and includes the following perks of joining!

*COMMUNITY ~ We are a dance family. Of course you are family without even joining but it feels really good to have your name officially recorded in the family book!

GROUP DANCES ~ Choreographed by the one and only Chai Tease only collective members are able to partake in the group performances. Practice sessions take place on most Sundays from 6-7pm at Passion and Performance in studio space rented by the collective.

PROMO ~ We have seasonal photoshoots to get promotional photos/videos of the group/collective. You will have access to these for your own promotion as well (with credit given to the photographer and collective)

PRIORITY CASTING ~ When casting performances for Pervz&Curvz productions we have a higher amount of performance slots reserved for collective members. �This means is that if we are casting 10 performances we reserve 8 slots for collective members and 2 slots for guest performances. **please note, membership does not guarantee your act will be cast in a particular production.