Commercial Heels with Portia Favro

Get ready to release your inner Beyonce – Portia’s classes are designed for all levels to truly harness their movement, presence and techniques iconic to this sultry performance style.

This workshop will focus on the fun, commercial elements of heels dance movement and music-video style choreography.

After a sweaty warm up, stretch and across the floor, Portia will lead you through a fun dance combo guaranteed to leave you feeling like a bombshell.

Portia Favro is a classically-trained dancer, turned pin-up who has plunged into Vancouver’s rich burlesque scene. She’s an award-winning dancer, choreographer, and teacher with extensive experience working across Canada, Europe and the US.

Portia is the Producer of La Maison Lust, The Ladybirds + Vintage Burlesque Bingo in Vancouver. She has performed at Berlin Burlesque Week, Cresent City Burlesque Weekend (New Orleans), Spellbound Burlesque (Phoenix, AZ) and the Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary International Burlesque Festivals.

Portia is also a powerhouse dance and burlesque instructor, regularly teaching heels, floorwork, sensuality and retro go-go technique in both Vancouver and beyond.

You never know where this pin-up is going to pop up…