January Peer Reviews

January Peer Reviews are here!! (6:15pm – 8:15pm)

Burlesque Peer Reviews are an opportunity to further develop or assist with the creation of both old and new routines! Hosted by Cherry Cheeks, this is an event for community and performer growth.

Join us with a routine in progress or one you want to build upon and receive honest feedback. This is a safe space for your creativity and growth while sharing honest questions about your choices and insights.

Don’t have something to workshop but want to be involved? Come on by with your feedback! Only have a concept or costume? Bring that too!

There are 6 spots available for performers to present their routines, so if you are interested in presenting, please message Cherry Cheeks to get your name on the list. All levels welcome. Workshopping available by a recommended $5.00 – $10.00 donation to help cover studio costs. We want burlesque education & growth to be accessible for everyone & not limited by finances.

Spaces are limited, so please PM Cherry Cheeks if attending, though last-minute drop in spots may open!

We look forward to seeing you January 19th at Wild Roots Dance Studio! ????


Wild Roots Dance Studio has a set of stairs to get to the studio. If mobility is an issue, please reach out to Cherry Cheeks and we will see how we can assist you.

Delilah D’lish’s Burlesque Skills: 8 Week Progressive

Are you an established burlesque performer looking to refine some practical skills and bring your acts to the next level? This progressive class is for you! Over the course of 8 weeks, we will work on different movements and styles that will help you bring your performance to the next level, and give you the tools to use those skills in your own acts.

Sign up by sending an etransfer to  delilah@dlishiousdelights.com

***50% deposit is required to hold your spot, and the remainder is due before class begins***

Sundays from January 5th-February 23rd,
Passion and Performance Dance studio.


Earlybird Pricing until December 15th – $180
Pricing after December 15th – $200

Please note that I am offering this program independently from Passion and Performance dance studio. This program is designed to enhance and be complimentary to the existing classes offered at Passion and Performance and is not a part of their membership program.

This class one time limited offering, and is offered separately from existing programs at the studio, as I am currently on sabbatical due to school, and have a small window of opportunity to teach.

Note* There are 2 spots reserved in this progressive for those who identify as Queer, trans, POC, people with disabilities, or people who face low income as a barrier on a pay what you can scale. This venue is wheelchair accessible. If you would like access to this progressive and identify as any of the above, please email delilah@dlishiousdelights.com to discuss options.

Week 1:
Burlesque overview
This class will be a review of some of burlesque style fundamentals

Week 2:
Lyrical burlesque
Learn how to draw out emotion and interact with your audience using lyrical movement in your burlesque routines

Week 3:
Floor transitions
Floor work is beautiful, but sometimes getting down to and up off of the floor in your act is something challenging to unlock. This class will go over multiple ways to get down to and get up off of the floor that will leave you feeling graceful and confident.
***This class requires knee pads. Modifications can be made for those with knee injuries***

Week 4:
Sensuality in burlesque
This class will go over ways to incorporate sensuality into your routines, and incorporate floorwork. Learn how to fake flexibility and other illusions! Bring knee pads!

Week 5:
Tension and release
In this class we’ll cover how to use pauses effectively, how to create anticipation and tease in your routine, and how to use a few extra seconds to bring your routines from good to phenomenal. Prepare to feel vulnerable in the best of ways.

Week 6:
Posture and body awareness in burlesque
Learn how to hold your body in your movement to convey strength, power and confidence and get the amazing photos you want on stage. We’ll go over the ways to carry yourself that will allow you to embody the stage presence that wows your audience.

Week 7:
Neo/Classic burlesque
For those who have seen me perform, you know that I love to play with and blend both of these styles. In this class we’ll cover some effective exercises to fuse together the best elements of both classic and neo burlesque and go over some of my favourite movements.

Week 8:
Put a bow on it!
Let’s tie together all of the things you’ve learned over the past 7 weeks and celebrate!

Please advise me of any injuries to be aware of before class so I am able to plan accordingly and modify movements as required.

Proper footwear is required for this class – this can be character shoes or jazz shoes.

If you arrive late to class, you must warm yourself up to minimize chances of injuries. Cool downs are equally important to stay in class for as it will prevent you from injuring yourself after class.

Pastie-making 101: Super Easy and Fun!

Hi beauties! Now that Isle of Tease has wrapped, I can announce that i’m going to be offering this crafty, hands-on, beginner pastie-making class to a limited number of participants on Sunday, December 15th, in the Glanford area.

To register, please etransfer to sparkle@showgirlsparkle.com, including the name I might know you by!

You know what makes an awesome holiday gift? Sparkly nipples!!

The class fee will be $50.00, and will include everything you need to design and make a pair of basic tasselled pasties in your choice of size and colour.

I’d like to focus on basic round pasties for this class, as we made a variety of shapes and styles the first time around and ran out of tassel-making time.

I will also include fun paints and up to 2 gross of rhinestones per participant in your choice of size and colour to embellish your designs with, and if you want additional stones to really oomph up your design, they will be available for purchase.

If you could bring your own scissors, hot glue gun, and e6000 fabrifuse, that would be super, otherwise we can share.

You will leave with an awesome pair of your own pasties!

If financial barriers prevent you from attending, please reach out and we will get you a spot.

Class is open to anyone interested, but won’t be suitable for little ones.

Will also organize ride-sharing once we know who is attending.

My bona fides…
Vogue Mahone, proprietor of Showgirl Sparkle, has long been enamoured of all things glamorous, opulent, and colourful.

With a background in art, graphic design, and crafts, Vogue became a burlesque performer in Victoria BC in 2016, and soon fell in love with the costumes, culture, history and traditions of burlesque.

Her shop, Showgirl Sparkle, launched in January of 2017, and she has handcrafted hundreds of pairs of pasties since!. Her intricate pasties, headpieces, hair flowers, and the embellishing work she creates on clients’ costumes are now worn by performers all over the world! The online shop also carries over 50 colours of flatback rhinestones in various shapes and sizes for the “sparkle-it-yourselfers”.

Vogue also loves sharing her passion for rhinestoning and embellishing costumes by teaching her class “Rhinestone 101”

IG: @showgirl.sparkle

I acknowledge and thank the Lkwungen People, also known as the Songhees, Esquimalt, and Beecher Bay First Nations communities, for allowing me to live, work and play on their lands. Thank you to the ancestors, supernatural ones, hereditary leaders and matriarchs, creatures big and small for looking after the rich resources and cultural teachings of this beautiful land.
~borrowed from the Indigenous Perspectives Society, who are far more eloquent than I could ever be.

Soul Seduction Part 1: The Inner Story Of Prayerformance

To sign up for this class, please complete this brief class registration:

Cost for 6 x 120 minute sessions
(12 hours of teaching + 12 hours of at home practice):
-$200 if paid in full by date of class start
-$250 for two payments of $125 each

Soul Seduction: The Inner Story of Prayerformance

> Wednesday Evenings 7:30pm – 9:30pm

> November 6th – December 11th 2019

> #209-734 Aldebury Street, Victoria BC, V9A 4V1

*This class series takes place on unceded land of the Lekwungen speaking peoples, commonly known today as the Esquimalt and Songhees nation. We give gratitude to the indigenous leaders, the ancestors, and earth ambassadors for continuing the process of reconciliation and healing.*

What is the inner story you tell yourself?

Unleash the fullness of who you are through Soul Seduction. If you have ever desired a safe container for you to explore seduction, embodiment, sexuality, performance art, burlesque, and soulful connection, this class has been especially created for you.

Whether you identify as man, woman, or on the spectrum of non-binary androgyny, you are encouraged to release your most delicious self with a group of incredibly supportive individuals. From primal to passion, masculine to feminine, and the space between all duality, we come together to remember the core essence of what it means to be human, and how to translate this in everyday life, as well as performance art.

Prepare to get in touch with your body, heal your inner story, learn burlesque and performance techniques, and get seriously sassy while discovering your fullest expression of self. Let’s celebrate our masculinity, our femininity, and our androgyny together in a collective exploration of what Soul Seduction is all about!

Whether or not you want to perform, this series will create a new foundational relationship with yourself to understand the energy that all of us embody.

An overview of what to expect:

Week 1: Primal Awakening
How our human instincts fuels our soul seduction

Week 2: Intimacy
Discovering intimacy allows us to feel our soul

Week 3: Sensuality
How sensuality permits our soul to be in our body

Week 4: Sexuality
Channeling sexual energy into the heart and beyond

Week 5: Seduction
Creating full body seduction, both on and off stage

Week 6: Prayerformance
Using your seduction to inspire and elevate your art


Devaiya Ra is a multi-talented burlesque prayerformance artist who has brought his offerings across the west coast for many years. From burlesque events to festivals stretching down the coast to California, Devaiya’s presence has inspired many people to embrace the fullness of their masculine, feminine, and androgynous non-binary energies through Soul Seduction and beyond. Devaiya Ra is a dancer, yogi, energy healer, soul coach, and website/brand developer based in Victoria BC Canada.

Special Offering:
*Book a private 90 minute Energy Healing session for $70*

In love, light, and gratitude – I look forward to sharing space with you!

Devaiya Ra
Prayerformance Artist

Cover Photo Photography by Emilee Wilson Creative

Soul Seduction Part 2: Your Story On Stage

Monday Evenings: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
November 4th – December 9th 2019
Wild Roots Dance & Yoga:
#209-734 Aldebury Street, Victoria BC, V9A 4V1

The cost of Soul Seduction Part 2: Your Story on Stage is:
$250 if paid in full by the first date of class
$300 if paid in two payments of $150 each

*This class is limited to 12 people only*

Please etransfer devaiya.ra@gmail.com and complete this Google form to confirm your registration:



*This class series takes place on unceded land of the Lekwungen speaking peoples, commonly known today as the Esquimalt Songhees nation. We give gratitude to the indigenous leaders, the ancestors, and earth ambassadors for continuing the process of reconciliation and healing.*

Diving deeper into the Soul Seduction series, you are invited to embody your heArt through creating a prayerformance from the depth of your soul.

>Are you ready to bring your truth on stage to an audience?

>Are you ready to understand how to work with stage energy?

>Are you curious how media presence can be a tool for transformation?

>Are you ready to create a prayerformance offering for the world to see?

In this class, we will combine embodiment practices with performance technique in a safe container for you to receive and remember the power and potential that you are, both on and off the stage. You are encouraged to create a prayerformance that is intended to be shared in two special ways: A debut showcase, and a powerful video / photography event.

In Soul Seduction Part 1: The Art of Burlesque and Prayerformance, we collectively learn the important aspects of Primal energy, Intimacy, Sensuality, Sexuality, Seduction, and Prayerformance. Part 1 of this series is focused on reclaiming these energies for yourself, so that you know how to utilize them in every aspect of your life.

Soul Seduction Part 2: Your Story on Stage takes the inner reclamation into a new layer of opportunity where you will learn how to create a debut number from the delicious depth of your soul. Together, we will fuse all of the aspects of Part 1 into a unique prayerformance opportunity which will be showcased for your friends and family to see you in the fullness of your expression!

>>Do I have to take Part 1 before I take Part 2?
If you are an experienced performer and feel confident with the inner work you have reclaimed, you are invited to join Part 2 so that you can focus your presence on the outer work, on stage. All that is asked is for you to send Devaiya a Google form response expressing your intentions and it will be openly received. You are encouraged to look at Part 1 as an opportunity to dive deep into the core of yourself to reclaim power, purpose, and presence for yourself first and foremost.

>>What will I receive through this class series?
You will receive 12 hours of in-studio time to create a debut prayerformance number. Technique and Performance development will be a main focus, as well as outfit creation and visioning. Alongside 12 hours of studio time, you will be encouraged to practice and refine your vision at home so that you can bring your prayerformance to the stage in our December showcase, which will include professional videography and photography.


In light love, this offering awaits you!

Devaiya Ra
Prayerformance Artist