Delilah D’lish’s Burlesque Skills: 8 Week Progressive

Are you an established burlesque performer looking to refine some practical skills and bring your acts to the next level? This progressive class is for you! Over the course of 8 weeks, we will work on different movements and styles that will help you bring your performance to the next level, and give you the tools to use those skills in your own acts.

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***50% deposit is required to hold your spot, and the remainder is due before class begins***

Sundays from January 5th-February 23rd,
Passion and Performance Dance studio.


Earlybird Pricing until December 15th – $180
Pricing after December 15th – $200

Please note that I am offering this program independently from Passion and Performance dance studio. This program is designed to enhance and be complimentary to the existing classes offered at Passion and Performance and is not a part of their membership program.

This class one time limited offering, and is offered separately from existing programs at the studio, as I am currently on sabbatical due to school, and have a small window of opportunity to teach.

Note* There are 2 spots reserved in this progressive for those who identify as Queer, trans, POC, people with disabilities, or people who face low income as a barrier on a pay what you can scale. This venue is wheelchair accessible. If you would like access to this progressive and identify as any of the above, please email to discuss options.

Week 1:
Burlesque overview
This class will be a review of some of burlesque style fundamentals

Week 2:
Lyrical burlesque
Learn how to draw out emotion and interact with your audience using lyrical movement in your burlesque routines

Week 3:
Floor transitions
Floor work is beautiful, but sometimes getting down to and up off of the floor in your act is something challenging to unlock. This class will go over multiple ways to get down to and get up off of the floor that will leave you feeling graceful and confident.
***This class requires knee pads. Modifications can be made for those with knee injuries***

Week 4:
Sensuality in burlesque
This class will go over ways to incorporate sensuality into your routines, and incorporate floorwork. Learn how to fake flexibility and other illusions! Bring knee pads!

Week 5:
Tension and release
In this class we’ll cover how to use pauses effectively, how to create anticipation and tease in your routine, and how to use a few extra seconds to bring your routines from good to phenomenal. Prepare to feel vulnerable in the best of ways.

Week 6:
Posture and body awareness in burlesque
Learn how to hold your body in your movement to convey strength, power and confidence and get the amazing photos you want on stage. We’ll go over the ways to carry yourself that will allow you to embody the stage presence that wows your audience.

Week 7:
Neo/Classic burlesque
For those who have seen me perform, you know that I love to play with and blend both of these styles. In this class we’ll cover some effective exercises to fuse together the best elements of both classic and neo burlesque and go over some of my favourite movements.

Week 8:
Put a bow on it!
Let’s tie together all of the things you’ve learned over the past 7 weeks and celebrate!

Please advise me of any injuries to be aware of before class so I am able to plan accordingly and modify movements as required.

Proper footwear is required for this class – this can be character shoes or jazz shoes.

If you arrive late to class, you must warm yourself up to minimize chances of injuries. Cool downs are equally important to stay in class for as it will prevent you from injuring yourself after class.